Ready To Record Ear Candy Guitar Hooks?
How to record guitar from home and sound like a pro!

Develop Ear Candy Hooks

Mix Guitars 101

$ave Money And Make Money

Start arranging ear candy hooks and dialing in better guitar tones to lift and enhance your songs.

No degree necessary to start getting some incredible guitar mixes on your own. 

Think of the money you'll save doing this on your own. Think of the money other will give you to do this!

Module One: Playing Hooky

Hooks are strategic, they can help drive home lyrics and melody, it keeps the listener engaged, it makes the song more memorable and can reveal to the listener what genre you’re writing in.

This week we’re talking about how to make memorable ear candy. We listen to specific examples where hooks happen and talk about important concepts.

Module Two: Layer It Up

We aren’t viewing layers just from a guitar player’s perspective. We’re going to delve into elements of production!

We’re practicing active listening and discussing elements around production choices.

There’s no engineer-speak and Mike will show you how to easily do this yourself.

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Module Three: Tone-ally Awesome

Now, if you’re looking to stand out, get hired and produce, you have to think about tones. This is the character, the thing that gives the song personality.

This is where you can get creative!

Module Four: Mix It Up

Mike will be walking through how to mix acoustics and electrics. He'll show you how he creates a balance, using compression, EQ, and single band EQ just with stock plug-ins.  

The tech we have now is amazing and you don’t need fancy gear; just work in your DAW.

Bonus: Making An Indie Rock Track In Real Time

In this bonus live session, Mike creates an indie rock track. You'll see the process and how Mike develops this in under an hour while answer questions in real time!

I felt Like I was completely out of sync with what was being written and released today. Taking this masterclass with Mike, he was able to help me take what I had already knew about songwriting, but apply different techniques and voicings to freshen up my overall sound and really stand out in a mix

-Robert Jacobs, Songwriter

I have taken production courses from several really great producers but Mike's course was the first one that really dove into getting the most out of your guitars, and then added some production techniques for mixing and layering that make a radio worthy final product!

-John Schutt (Songwriter)

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    This masterclass if for anyone looking to...

    ✓ Track their own guitar ideas
    Be a co-writer on other songs 
    ✓ Make money recording from your home
    ✓Go from hobbyist to professional 

    Absolutely not! In fact, it's better to have a most minimalist amount of equipment.

    For years I had the least expensive set up that got me lots of work and placements! 

    How Long Do I Have Access To This?

    What Will I Get?

    You will have access for life 
    and can rewatch as much as you like.

    A road map on to getting the most out of your guitar

    You get something you can actively be doing now over the course of 4 videos!